Give a kicking boost to your real estate business with BTZSOFTWARES Real Estate SEO services

Many real estate owners think having a website is enough to get traffic whereas the reality is something else. Most realtors are still averse to the idea of paying for real estate SEO services. The scenario is changing but at a snail’s pace.

Though the conventional way of brand and product/service promotion is still not obsolete, it has been significantly outsmarted by digital marketing in terms of measurable result of reaching out to prospects. Digital marketing has multiple avenues to channelize effort and budget through, to achieve the benchmark. Of all these, search engine optimization is most talked about and effective.

If you own a real estate business or are a real estate agent, by allocating a part of your marketing budget to SEO, you can ensure organic ranking of your website on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).  

What is Real Estate SEO?

Real estate investor SEO is more challenging, with a few challenges unique to this particular business niche. However, many steps for an organic lift on SERP are not different from SEO guidelines for other types of businesses.   

As mentioned earlier, having a website and getting it organically ranked in search results are not synonymous. A website is like a ticket to get an entry into the web world of business whereas professional SEO services provide you a ladder to climb the top.

Why SEO services are important for real estate investors?

More than 90% of websites get no traffic from Google. These websites are only crawled but not indexed by Google. Having no understanding of how websites are indexed on Google, most realtors live in an illusion that their websites will be automatically found by Google and placed in the higher rank on SERP.

Whether you run a real estate franchise, local brokerage firm or an independent real estate business, getting organic traffic is the key to your website’s top ranking. With Goggle turning a new leaf in their SEO rules every now and then, organic traffic is becoming more important than the consolidated force of social media marketing, Google Ads and Pay Per Click to generate quality leads.

This explains why paying for SEO services for real estate investors and real estate agents will never go waste.

Highlights of Real Estate SEO Services at Btzsoftwares

Key Strategies for SEO Services for Real Estate Investors

SEO is a continuation of efforts put together to achieve a result. However, once the goal is reached, service is not discontinued; otherwise your fall from grace won’t take much time. At Btzsoftwares, real estate SEO experts will never allow it to happen to you.

Local SEO for Real Estate Businesses :

For digital marketing, Local SEO or Map Pack Optimization is most important. The process involves organic optimization of your Google Business Profile so that your website appears on SERP based on relevant queries identifiable by the Big Boss as searches for local businesses. “Relators near me” or “real estate brokers near me” are examples of local searches.

At Btzsoftwares, local SEO for real estate in UK investing keeps your business profile updated so that it always remains in Google’s good books.

Keyword Searching :

Keyword research is an important part of SEO campaign. Keyword choice should be based on thoughtful assessment of what you want your website rank for. Do you prefer “your city” real estate for ranking? Or will you choose buy or sell homes in “your city”? A mix of less searched and highly searched keywords brings expected results.

Meta Titles and Descriptions :

Meta titles and meta descriptions are critical aspects of your on-page real estate SEO. Our SEO experts create Meta titles for every webpage and include the main keywords you would like your webpage to rank for. Meta title is a crucial factor for your webpage’s ranking.

SEO professionals at Btzsoftware SEO agency develop a catchy, pithy and punchy Meta title description for each webpage to entice users and encourage them to visit your website. Meta description is not directly related to your website ranking but significantly impacts your click through rate (CTR) from generated search results.

Website Audit :

Providing a good user experience is integral to strong on-page SEO for your real estate SEO strategy. Everything from authority, usability to quality of your real-estate website is a ranking factor. You can choose between a simple audit and a complex audit. However, it’s better to leave the decision to us.

Real Estate Backlinks :

The quantity and quality of backlinks pointing towards your website inform Google that it is an authentic source of relevant and useful information. We adopt different ways to get backlinks. Not all are equal and we know how to generate them for the BEST result.

Additionally, we also delve into reviews and schema in marketing, make your real estate website mobile responsive, use social media syndication and perform SEO for IDX listing to make your real estate business achieve stratospheric success.

Each of the above-stated process requires meticulous planning and precise execution. The word ‘organic’ sounds tempting but a lot of planning and hard world goes behind the scene. This is why you need help of an SEO company for real estate agents.

Trust Btzsoftwares, we deliver!

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