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SEO or Search Engine Optimization can benefit any healthcare service provider having online presence. Btzsoftwares, a Kolkata-based healthcare SEO agency, develops personalized services to put your hospital, nursing home or private clinic at the top of search result pages.
Medical field is highly competitive. New hospitals and clinics are coming up. As a result, competition is becoming fiercer with every passing year. Though healthcare service should not be categorized as a typical business as it is always called a noble profession, craving for recognition and reputation is not a crime. Btzsoftwares, one of the most recognized healthcare SEO companies, can make it happen for you.

What is healthcare SEO?

Healthcare SEO is not different from search engine optimization done for businesses in other niches. The process involves adopting and actualizing Google-approved authentic and organic practices to optimize your healthcare website.

In healthcare industry, challenges are unique and more complex. Rules and regulations are more stringent, adding to the complexity of the healthcare structure and marketing as well. Using conventional tools and channels may not be working to reach out to a large pool of prospects.

Bitzsoftware medical SEO services can guide to sail through the maze of challenges and complexities to the top of search results hierarchy.

Why SEO services are important for your healthcare facility

One major benefit that your healthcare business can gain from professional SEO services is positive online reviews. A few facts and figures can present the realty in a simple and straightforward way.

According to Software Advice’s survey :

Benefits :

How we stand apart from others in medical SEO services :

Our Key SEO Strategies

Google Business Profile and Social Media for Reviews :

As one of the most well-known healthcare SEO firms, Btzsoftwares makes sure that your healthcare business gains optimum benefits from positive reviews on your GBP profile and social media platforms. It conveys a message to your patients and search engines about trustworthiness of your healthcare facility.

Keywords-Based Informative Content :

Content is the MAGNET that attracts traffic. Content development is integral to the best SEO services. We have experienced content writers to develop informative, SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free content that delivers the detail your patients might be looking for. Furthermore, our content is not AI-generated. Content on each web page is optimized for a set of chosen keywords.

Blogging :

Writing healthcare blogs is a smart way to invite traffic for your website visit. It can give a kicking boost to your website ranking in SERP. A medical search engine optimization agency having experience in healthcare SEO knows well-written healthcare blogs add value to your website.

Listings for Local SEO :

Medical local SEO is a process of on-page and off-page optimization based on searches in a specific area. As your healthcare facility has a physical location, implementing a local listing management plan can help your website rank higher. Local SEO for doctors working at your healthcare facility also adds to your business name and fame.

Website Interlink :

A website is a collage of pages. Certain pages are likely to receive more traffic. Interlinking high-trafficked pages to relevant pages can push more traffic to the latter. It’s a common practice by every healthcare search engine optimization firm. The strategy works!

Backlink Building :

Like good reviews, backlinks or external links present a trustworthy picture of your healthcare facility. It’s a strategic way of encouraging readers to check other websites. Medical practitioners are authority in this field. Their valuable insights add value to content that is likely to get backlinks. Medical SEO companies employ the technique.

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